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Originally Posted by ketzer
Perhaps a more pressing question is, “Why is the soul reading the story it is experiencing, and be-ing, in this present moment?”

P.S. As an interesting aside, if we take the word “believe” and drop an e and add a space we get “be live”. I find it interesting how words seem to work out this way and just how often I run across similar situations. Sometimes it feels like someone is messing with me, weaving subtle little hints into the story, like breadcrumbs on a path for me to

Sometimes there are multiple meanings, for example believe can also be deconstructed as 'be, leave' if you go by sound patterns rather than letter patterns.

perhaps the most relevant one i've found is that if you take 'live' and run it backwards you get 'evil'... and I think this interesting because supposedly (in the beginning of the bible) what was done was done to prevent 'death' which is in some sense backwards from 'life'. Of course though it doesn't help much to make such an observation if you are stuck thinking 'death' has anything to do with the presence or absence of a physical body.

seems to me like an awful lot has been 'said' this way though
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