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Originally Posted by SlayerOfLight
But in Valhalla there's stuff like alcohol and a common rule in the afterlife no matter what your beliefs are, there's nothing you can do to satisfy your Earthly desires. Care to explain me this one?

Slayer...Of course there is away to rid yourself of earthly desires....

When you arrive as a newly spiritual being, and you find that you still have needs for alcohol, drugs, sex etc etc....or any emotional anxieties etc etc....or any unloving desires towards people that are still residing on earth & in the flesh, that might find you needing to linger around the earth.

Then I would seriously consider thinking that you may have some very unsavory spiritual beings/entities still attached to you at a SOUL LEVEL after leaving the other words SOUL TO SOUL.....THEIR "SOUL SELF" CONNECTED TO YOUR "SOUL SELF".

If you had them while you were in the flesh and didn't realize it, then they would have been connected to you at the soul level....and getting rid of the earthly flesh does not get rid of them at the same time..... could go to hell and back in the spiritual world, and they will still be with you when you get back....soul to soul....still endeavoring to get you to drink, smoke and be sexual....they will be just as discrete about influencing your thoughts for as long as they can be undetectedable....but even if you work it out that they are connected to you, it is their will to be there connected to you, and you will not be able to break their will nor their energetic bond/connection to you whatsoever..... will need to find your way to the spiritual lands created by god CREATOR,....(THE SUMMERLANDS)....and in the first sphere where all are welcome and made comfortable no matter what their past deeds were, up to the point of arriving there in, you will find healing centers that can deal with the attachments....

....AND THIS IS THE ONE MAJOR REASON THAT I AM SO VERY ANXIOUS TO EXIT THE EARTHLY FLESH FORM AND THE EARTH ITSELF, AND THAT IS TO RID MYSELF OF THESE STINKING ENTITIES THAT HAVE BEEN CONNECTED TO ME FROM VERY EARLY CHILDHOOD, I have tried every damned possible thing to get rid of them but not a thing has worked !!! ....but I have to wait because I have a responsibility regarding looking after my folks for a while longer before I can go.

Slayer.. maybe I have piqued yours or maybe even someone else's interest...
But even if I haven't. ...try to keep an open mind about it after you exit from the flesh....because these very discrete attachments can be a newly arrivals downfall into a very dark and spiraling spiritual existence for many hundreds and even thousands of years and leading to a hellish mind, shape and form and location.

Regards neil
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