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Originally Posted by Pegasus
After passing from this world, you will either stay earthbound in spirit form or you will go to heaven .
Those who do not go to the light, still have additional learning to learn from and they will learn from other spirits and the living , who they will watch and learn from .

The dead will find them selves drawn to certain people , and its there that god wishes them to learn from. Also they will hang around earthbound because they have sinned and so have to earn the right to go back to heaven .

Everyone eventually will go to the light . and back to heaven where they will live for eternity in happiness .

I think that question is unanswerable. That's like asking, what are you going to do December 27th of 2025....we are all different.

There are similarities in NDEs, but each souls path is different. Some people float above their bodies, some see a tunnel (I saw a grey mist or fog, with deceased loved ones and a light behind them) Some see bridges, some see roads, some see light, some see darkness or nothing. We could go on and on, but I really don't think anyone can tell you what yours will be like...or what everyone is doing in the afterlife.

I've had experiences my whole life, and I've never seen two souls at the same place, doing the same thing. What I have seen, is energy and emotions. I'm a believer that the afterlife is mainly an energetic infinite world of emotions, that create thoughts, colors, places, things, ect.

So what is the afterlife like.....l guess whatever you are feeling at that moment would be my guess.

I'm very sensitive at times, especially during sleep and with certain weather changes. Injustice, hurt, pain, suicides, bullying, ect...all upset me...because they could have been prevented, or attest learned and healed from.

I could tell you stories from my childhood, amid young adulthood that took me from atheism, to a believer. Many of them taking years or decades to unfold...which is a testament to time, and how we operate on instant gratification, instead of true spirituality, which is on Gods time. We want all the answers now, instead of creating our life and afterlife as we go, finding out who really are, and feeling all aspects of ourselves to create our life, afterlife and the rest of the chapters of our neverending story. My opinion is, unless you die are not going to know what your thoughts, feelings, and interest are when you die....just like you won't know the person you will be when you are 70, 80, or 90 years old. We change, we learn, we grow every day, every month, every year....and that ultimately shapes everything there after.

There only one constanty, and it's everything changes. Ultimately, if you learn to love yourself, that will spill over onto others through change.
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