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Originally Posted by open2it
I don't believe that God would give us free will but then he would just wait in anticipation to send you to everlasting hell for screwing up on earth. IMO God is unconditional love and I don't think he plays games with souls that haven't a clue to their life before born into this world. God IMO isn't that sicko minded.

I can't say what happens to souls when they pass out of this physical body and world. God has many mansions and your guess is as good as mine which mansion we will end up in.

I believe heaven and hell spoken of are both here on earth. If hell is down in a bottom pit and heaven is of the highest plateaus up above then how is it told in the bible that the people in hell could see across the chasm and see those in heaven but didn't know how to cross over? Perhaps heaven is the high I AM consciousness and hell is the earthly bound consciousness of sin{LACK}. Sin is described as being without. Without knowledge of Truth of God the I AM consciousness.

I guess we will find out when we pass from this earthly life and probably not before. I do believe we have had past lives. There are to many people that know places and people that they have never been to or met in this present life but they somehow know.

Well, here's a good place to start to contemplate what happens when we "die".

A person can "believe" whatever they choose to believe. I encourage and hope you consider doing the research, and please look at what is gleaned from these experiencers rather than search for details to enforce any religious "beliefs".
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