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There is so much truth to the OP's post. I think along the same lines. Politics, society rules, religion, world problems are all illusions to keep us from seeing that we are here just to learn. To have the human experience as the OP has said.

I will go further to say I believe those who are hurting or hungry or dying are also having their own human experience. I do what I can but in the long run I have to allow those having dark experiences complete their mission and then they can move on. Then they will have learned their lessons they came here to learn.

For the child who is being abused, I can say I was also abused when I was a child, and if I had not had those experiences I would not be the person I am today.

For the person who is starving, who am I to say that person is not fulfilling a karmic debt.

It's all so intricate. A dance of shadow and light. And it will go on and on. Generation after generation. Though it breaks my heart to see tragedy, I for one, understand this plane of existence exists for a reason. Those who incarnate here chose to come here and chose the lessons they wanted to learn.

And no, I have not had a NDE but I have had more tragedy in my life than most which has opened my eyes to the world as it really is: a place to learn. And learning doesn't come easy.

If you hit rock bottom, start picking up rocks.

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