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Anyone who claims to know the truth fails to even comprehend the depth and complexity of what is truth. All of us know a portion of truth, a few of us know a portion of deeper truth, even fewer know the hidden (unseeable) aspects of hidden truth, and rarely does a soul arrive who can see the infinity of truth's depth.

For the souls who worry about current events, I beg you to not. For the souls who ignore the needs of the world's suffering, I beg you to not. Worry is evil. Ignorance is evil. And what is evil? It is ignoring compassion of every act of every moment of every day. Don't argue that "it's just business"; don't argue that "it's the requirement of law and order"; don't argue that "someone else will take care of it".

Nearly every single NDEr comes back with the same message: "Everything is about love". Aside from that, everything else (intellectual arguments) means nothing.

I like what you have said here. Everything is indeed about Love. We are all in a constant state of transition, from one event to another in our lives and evolutionary journey, we are going through death in various ways. And sometimes a certain trigger in our lives, a sudden death might anyways trigger a larger understanding about the importance of death. There are various sources and it's rare that anyone knows the truth. Any one perspective isn't the ultimate perspective/ truth of all existence. There is much to 'truth' than we know and it's rare someone knows deeper of the existence.
There is much superficiality and petty arguments/ intellectual and mental pursuits that really diminish the value of a deeper existence. There are plenty of ego traps, and plenty of people who fall for those traps and preach it with conviction. Compassion knows no bounds. It isn't about this is mine, this is your', this is my business and this is your's. This is my space and this is your's. I believe too many people want the side effects, the rewards and very few really have the courage to follow something bigger than themselves. And few know the way. Death can be a very humbling experience and the beginning of a stronger path for those who do not know. Sincere seekers are few and far in between, and even lesser so the true masters.
Death in spiritual/ physical sense is the beginning of what is real, because the reality we live is but a dream. The more shadows we hold within us, the scarier is the experience of death itself. For those with good hearts death can be a beautiful experience.
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