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Rebirth of my brother

My very dear brother who was younger to me by about 2 years passed away 22 years ago. He was a 16 years old, very handsome, talented, active and healthy lovely boy who was full of energy and life. He loved me so very much. He passed away suddenly in a road traffic accident. He was on his bicycle and the big truck driver who was drunk hit him and he died on the spot 22 years ago. Within 2-3 days I had a dream in which he was saying, "I want to live sister, I want to live". I felt very helpless. I just turned 18 years at that time.

After that I had several dreams where I saw my brother was in bad company in the dreams and was becoming a drunkard etc. Few years later, I got married and had a boy. I still saw my brother in my dreams. In one particular dream, I had a daughter who got lost and my brother came in his bike to help search for her". Few more years later I had another boy who looks exactly like my brother, very active, lively just like my brother and loves me just like my brother. He never behaves like he remembers his past life but he does things that my brother had done when he was young.

Since this boy is born I had no more dreams of my brother. I would like to know if truly my brother is reborn as my second child or if my thoughts and love for him are powerful enough to have a child very similar to him?
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