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I am so sorry.

My heart is with you.

I agree with Lynn.^^^

When I had a NDE in my 20s, I experienced energy, and I seen how it travels on different vibrational wavelengths. I know you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, I wouldn't know either, if I hadn't seen it.

Feelings are energy, and they travel by waves of different frequency like all energy.

What I believe, like Lynn said...there is a waiting period after death most of the time, although not all. Part of the reason for this, is because your brother is in energy form(Our true essence) and he has no physical body to communicate...that doesn't mean he hasn't tried, either....its just in another way. Feelings, thoughts, songs, electrical devices, dreams, ect.

However, there is often a gap, between the vibration of grief, and the vibration of bliss, or peace. It's easier to communicate when that gap of vibration is closer. Spirits often can't get through when all they have is their energy to use, when your energy is consumed by grief, restlessness, pain, hurt, Ect... Because they are two very different planes of energetic frequency.

Have you ever tried to talk to someone completely consumed by rage or's impossible most of the time, to connect with them on a rational level until they calm down.

It's the same with grief, except grief last longer that rage, ...but it's just as intense, and blocks communication in energy form.

Once the grief, shock, anger, hurt...subsides....the energy from your loved ones has a weaker veil to come's usually in some form of emotional energy, dreams, or even electrical energy.....depending on each person and their ability or openness to receive the message in one way or another. Sometimes, we completely miss the message, by not paying attention or believing it was a message.

Often times, we are looking for a specific message, in a way we perceive a message should be sent...but they have their own way of communicating, like we all do. Often, when you receive a message, you will logically dismiss, or not believe it....but you will feel it, you feel it inside, in your soul, heart, and body.

I had a 21yr old uncle who died in Vietnam in 1968. Nobody ever spoke of him, and I wasn't born until 10 years later. By the time I was old enough to learn about him, my parent divorced. He was from my mothers side, and I lost all contact with her and her entire family until I became an adult....even then, and now...I have minimal contact with them because they live across the country.

This uncle of mine, spent years showing up in my dreams...because I had never heard of him...or seen him, I didn't know who he was, or why this young man was always standing one the sidelines in my dreams. In fact, I would forget he was there....he became like an ornament, I got use to seeing him there...but he never spoke, or did anything.

Then after awhile, I Started paying attention...and That's hard to do in a dream, because you have to be somewhat aware...and I started becoming aware of him, more and more. My dreams would start out jumbled, and random, but then become more focused as I saw him. Then, I started speaking to this shadow of a man standing there...and he never spoke back...but he walked straight in front of me in my last dream of him, and held up a neon yellow flashing sign...all it read was "1968"

I spent a couple of years questioning what family, including my mom...who this young guy was, and nobody knew. I gave his sex, close enough of his age, and year of death....and nobody remembered him.

I chalked it up as my imagination, or that I was never going to find out, so I gave up.

Then, my great grandfather died, and there he 21yr (he was actually 20, but died right before his 21st birthday) but there he was, my grandpa proceeded his son in death on a website I was reading of my grandpas obituary and I finally had my answers....he was my great grandpas son! I was shocked, excited, and so many more emotions I can't describe...I knew he was real, and it wasn't just dreams. He was real, and he was showing up in my dreams, trying to get my attention for years! And I wasn't paying attention, because I didn't know better....I didn't know who he was, I didn't know about dreams and contacts from loved ones at that time...I didn't know any better, I just never heard of this before. So I didn't know what was going on, or anything at that time.

Now he has a website, pictures to go with his name, honors, and a place for him...because after all that, his efforts, I could never forget him....and I never will.

He has spiritually impacted my life, and beliefs because of what he did...and I needed that, at that time, even though I didn't know it at that time.

Since that time, I realized these things had been happening all my life...but didnt know what it was, so I didn't care, and I CHALKED THEM up to my imagination or random ****.
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