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Originally Posted by ribbons of color
Needing direction:

Hi all,
my son's friend hung himself about three yrs. ago. My son had a dream, and in his dream, he woke up in this gray area, no plant life, no ground, no sky, no nothing, just gray, then all of a sudden he was walking down the drive way in the neighborhood where he grew up, and all of a sudden this friend that hung himself was there, My son asked him how he was doing, friend replied, you know I'm dead right, I been dead for three yrs., my son replied yes I know, what have you been doing all this time, friend said just walking around, my son asked for three years you have just been walking around?, friend said yes, my son asked what do you just think about where you want to go and you are there, friend said yes, they continued to walk to my sons childhood home, my son said to friend, I have to run in my house and get something, I'll be right out, his friend waited outside the house, but when my son was going back out to talk with his friend he woke up. My son also mentioned to me his friends eyes, and outer area were all black. So my question is, is this poor soul just roaming around lost, and can't find his way home, or is this something else, and can we help him go home, even though he did not ask to go there. Thank you.

Where did that friend actually hang himself?
It's hopeless and we don't give up.
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