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Originally Posted by revolver
For me personally when your dead your dead, there is nothing more to it, suicide or not, there is no one to suffer after death.

This used to be my belief but I was doing a tarot reading at a ladies home and accidentally tuned into a young disembodied voice 'help me, help me' during the reading but said nothing, at the end the lady who was empathic asked do you anything with ghosts which is an area I have no experience in the sense of haunting or attachments but ever curious she led me upstairs to the bedroom where the bed had been moved away from the wall 2 days prior and the door kept opening despite the fact it was difficult to open by hand because of it's tendency to stick but he had made his presence known. As we got to the top of the stairs I got a psychic flash of him running away in fear and assured the lady he was more afraid of us than we are of him and there we sat on the landing where he drew close and impressed a clairvoyant image that he had hung himself from the attic which he'd accessed by moving his bed out from the wall, he impressed images of living amongst the 7 children almost as a silent family member and huddled shoulder to shoulder on the bed next to a child totally engrossed in his his game boy.

This boy at time of passing had been badly beaten, black ribs and covered in extensive bruising and there was much sadness. Back downstairs I assured them this was nothing dark and a family conversation opened up, the father of the house said we don't mind him being here at which point the young lad in spirit who passed just short of his 14th birthday started sobbing as a result of never having been shown any love, not quite knowing what to do we came together in prayer for him and when I left that evening he joined me in the car which was the last time he made his presence known.

Couldn't stop thinking about this lad plus the fact the experience challenged my former ideas and assumptions.

3am the following morning I was woken by my own guide bringing this lad back down through the veil with his arm around him protectively, he was holding a bunch of flowers for me and it was one of the most touching experiences I've ever been privileged with. I'm left with the consideration that trauma can keep us earthbound but he was clearly free to move in an earthbound way as he joined me in the car, another thing I was impressed with after the event is never underestimate the power of prayer.
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