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I believe in reality.

I sometimes watch a TV-show named "Power of the spirits" and they show families that gets visits from the dead, and they also have a person that finds out about it and balances the energies.

Very often in that TV-show things disappear.

Recently I had an encounter myself. After I straightened up and fixed some moral issues (minor criminal stuff), I suddenly lost a cloth that hanged to dry in my bathroom. I have noticed the cloth the day before, but after I fixed my moral issues it was all gone.

I'm thinking this had an double effect. I believe it was my dead grandmother that saw I could use to change my washing-cloth, and at the same time I was given a prize of knowing more about life and afterlife in a sure way - just because I got morally straight.
I don't have a problem with authorities. I have a problem with God of flesh and blood.
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