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Originally Posted by Joe Mc

Perhaps that song was supposed to be ironic or sarcastic, because it probably is all about “smack”.
Never taken heroin, so I don’t really know what it is like to get high on it.
But that song took me back to what “happened”. So thanks Joe Mc.

A famous band at a tour launch party, drug addicted and a bit miserable because the party was dry.
Still, all that hype of living in the limelight.

The soul of the band (and perhaps most addicted) turned inwards and “Zoom”.
Time slowed down – and Zoom
All that hype of limelight vanished into the shadows – Zoom

He was like a person deep in a meditation cave who just awakened.
Just one look and – Zoom
All at once there was no turnin' back ....

My point is not to underestimate “who” can shift into the light of “Eternal Love” and it can happen so suddenly at the most unlikely places.

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