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Thanks for this thread Lynn.
It's true that death is not such an enemy and a "darkness" that we have made it to be so often.
I know how much sadness and sorrow it can be for a mother to have her child taken from her "too soon"...or an innocent bystander to be shot suddenly...or how it feels to be left alone on the Earth when a loved one seems to disappear.
But a lot of that terrible pain is because we are separated from the knowledge of death and what it truly is. Often, being able to see with the Heart not just the eyes, and being in touch with a vibrant reality which is not of the physical....can bring a warmth and joy, even though the loved one doesn't live on Earth any more.

I was very lucky to be given a fairly gentle acceptance of death from a very young age. At three, four years of age, birds my mother tried to help would pass away, and I was there to see that. I accepted with peace.
Age five, my grandmother (Nanna) died and I found her body. I felt no worries about that and stayed with her in her room for a while before telling my parents. There was nothing but peace in that room. Only when the other people arrived (doctors, funeral directors, adults very solemn and scary who questioned me), did I feel unease.
Death itself was nothing to be scared of and my child's instincts knew that.
We had cats, and they died. I found a stranger cat dead in a field one day when I was about eight. I sat with it a long time talking to it and went back to visit it day after day after school. Only in recent years I think I know why I did that; I think I sensed the animal had not left its etheric state and was nearby. I'd like to think my friendship helped it. But of course I didn't consciously know that then.
I have had many bereavements in 64 years. Of course the passing of a loved one brings tears and poignant feelings. A sadness that the life shared with them has suddenly gone. Even if they let you know they are fine, the life shared is gone and will never come back. It remains as a treasured memory with a scent all of its own, but it is gone from the Earth.

But those who have passed are truly in a lovely place. They are well. And they wait for us if there is a bond of love.
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