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Originally Posted by Nerina
Hello everyone, I am here for some help and advice.
My 21 year old brother died 10 days back due to an accident. His death was so sudden that the news came onto our family as a terrible heart shattering shock. He died in different city..however he was buried within the radius of our home the day next. It's been more than a week and I've been waiting for some sort of contact from him- maybe a sign, a dream or a sighting perhaps? I am his elder sister and we shared this beautiful friendship where we could go on talking for hours. I miss him dearly and I keep on trying to reach out to him ..talking to him directly..or while meditating - but in vain. Am I being impatient? Is there any other way I can reach out to him? Please help.


First off my heart goes out to you and your family over your loss.

It can take time for contact to be heard and felt, more so at times with a sudden death due to an accident. At times the Spirit needs that time to settle into being passed and to connect to the new transition of being energy and not body. This is normal and the time frame is different for everyone that passes. Common rule of thumb is 3 - 6 months.

What I can assure you is that he did cross over I as a Medium do not feel that he did not make a crossing. He was well loved that feeling abounds, and he will look in when he is ready. For some reason a vibration on a phone, that has no message seems to be a contact way that might show.

I know that you miss the physical and as sad as a loss is we all have our time come when we are called to do other work. I can only imagine getting such news.

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