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If you Pm me any deatails of him, I can better send him this message of love....amd I might sound crazy to those who are earthly logical....but I am divinely loving...and I’m also sensitive, and I have helped suicides before, I can feel his energy from what you wrote, but I can better feel him, or better yet, he will feel me more.... if you write to me amd tell me what you know, then I can feel his energy more....and I ask each and everyone one of YOU, who are,reading this, to do this same, to send him your loving energy.,,.because everything and everyone in life who did not tell him this, who he’s learned from, amd who he why he forgot his self. I have, and you can, change that, and energy, love, help this confused soul of ours, love and energy beyond the grave, we can send him into the light....where his soul love, anyone can be changed by love, truth, and energy....send this soul our love....all of us. So this souls feels, loud and❤️

This is not your sons know that, that’s why you wrote, and I know that, that’s why I wrote. For all the self hate this soul has will be more helpful if more souls here will help me send him love. Please, send this soul
love, everyone! Send all suicides your love, and don’t be ashamed to ask me or others spiritual believers to send love, because I believe we can do are damn right we can, and we should!
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