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Originally Posted by Spirit Guide Sparrow
Dear Pagandell,

If this is something you feel is required to accomplish what you feel is important to you, then permit yourself this experience - until it no longer serves your highest and best vision of yourself.

Know though that we cannot truly experience who we really are without relationships with others.

Love is an experience best shared. As is life. Live as love would.


Dear Sparrow.

Thank you so much for your great reply as always and the reminder about with out others we can not truly experience who we really are.

I share my love with nature, animals my plants, people I encounter while out side shopping and stuff and like me writing this now, I find it all flows better now that I have become a kind of hermit, taken back my own space and dwell as a wizard in my own little castle .
Wanting or seeking vengeance upon others, will just as likely bar you from greater knowledge and freedom, than will the actions of those who caused your anger to begin with.

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