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Originally Posted by Spirit Guide Sparrow
Dear 7luminaries,

To begin with, you are obviously very passionate regarding this particular subject which affects you on a very personal level.

You have responded that there are some paragraphs that I apparently did not address. Quite simply, I feel no need to add to what you have written. The way you have presented your thoughts reads as a statement of fact of your personal feelings, and not as any means of question to be answered. You do not need me to validate that which you feel, my friend.


Sparrow, hello there! How are you? No, the topic does not affect me specifically in the world, if you get me. Let me rephrase. It affects me no more or less than anyone else, because we are all affected. My interest is absolutely a part of who I am, just as I am equally passionate about all 3 of these broad topics I mentioned in my recent posts to you. I am equally passionate, say, about racism, economic underdevelopment, environmental degradation, abuse of other sentient life on Gaia (cetaceans), corruption of democracy, exploitation and abuse of the vulnerable, injustice more broadly, the foundational primacy of authentic love in all relationships on the basis of our shared humanity and sentience...I could go on. This 1 topic you did not comment on is only 1 of the 3 I have discussed at length many places, including with a few of the guides. The 3 topics being those broad issues most relevant to humanity at all levels here and now, according to the guides. And I agree.

The 1) historic and present state of the male-female relationship at the structural level is an awareness I have of the reality of humanity at this time. It is founded on imbalance and misalignment (oppression, violence, exploitation), with a persistent, intentional underdevelopment of authentic love in relationship to one another. Right alongside the awareness of 2) humanity's historic and present relationship with one another with regard to class and culture (overlaid onto the usual suspects of oppression, violence, and exploitation). And of 3) humanity's historic and present relationship with Gaia, where we apply all these contexts to our relationship with the world at large. These are the 3 broad topics.

All three of these structural paradigms at present and over a fair expanse of recent ("recorded", or post-deluvial so say the last 10K or 11K years) history involve large amounts of imbalance, power-over, violence, exploitation, and coercion.

You commented on 3) the human-Gaian imbalances and I agreed, and have done in several places elsewhere. There is much to say here, and it is very much tied to our exploitative and imbalanced relationships with one another, and vice-versa.

You also made reference to item 2), to how these two are tied...our inhumanity to one another and our inhumanity to Gaia. And I do feel (though I can't recall exactly where) that you have at times commented further on the general imbalances and underdevelopment of the hierarchy of human societies (class, culture, ethnicity, other axes of difference used to discriminate) with regard to all levels of relationship, personal to societal and global. In your response to me just recently, I have also agreed and commented further on that. And in many other places too off this thread :)

Since you skipped the item 1) regarding the structural imbalance, underdevelopment and discouragement of parity and especially of authentic love between men and women, I commented on it as a follow-up because it is foundational to the questions of at least some and is universally applicable to all. I also couldn't recall whether you had addressed specifically the pervasive underdevelopment of authentic love more broadly but most pervasively in male-female relationships. (You may very well have done and I may just not know of it, but regardless it certainly remains timely IMO and the discussion can benefit any who see it.)

So I brought up the latter in my last, and then asked for your thoughts. Had you skipped over addressing items 2 or 3, and/or had not discussed the structural universals on many occasions (as you certainly have done regarding Gaia), then I would absolutely have followed up on those as well. I hope and trust you have no trouble verifying the veracity of these words :) It's not because I need affirmation of my own feelings that I seek your opinions ;) but rather that I simply seek your opinions for their own sake. Whatever they may be. And they may very well not affirm my own, hahaha As long as it's done in courtesy and good will, sharing is a good thing!

I certainly meant my words below to be a question to you, so it was my mistake because I wasn't clear.

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts on this
Peace & blessings!

My apologies. I will re-word and try again!

Sparrow, what are your thoughts on item 1), above, in my 2nd paragraph?

I am interested in hearing those, and I'm sure others can also benefit and enjoy your insights.
Just as your thoughts and comments on 2) and 3) in your earlier response to me (and to all here who can read and enjoy them) were very thoughtful and kind, as ever.

Peace & blessings, my friend!
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