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Death - Tragedy - Innocent Victim - Blessing


There are so many levels to the event of death. How its viewed as well is vast in its ideas and notions surrounding it. It is a mysterious thing death, and something that comes to all of us living.

Looking at death as a tragedy - those events where you stop and go "a life cut too short" or "wrong place wrong time" but is there such a thing ? Is there a death that is not in the cards or the Soul Contact we come in to experience. If we are in the path of a bullet that is not meant for us and we are hit and die, maybe that is our time up and that is how we were to go out.

The innocent victim of a crime, is there such a place, it can be said that we are "born of sin" not that I mean to preach a topic here, more that there is no place of innocence as there seems to be no way of walking purely in that place.

Death at times is a blessing, even if those left behind do not feel that death was in the right timing.

Death is simple an event in a life chain of events - that place of transition from one place to another, yet many times we so label it of fear it.

Why do we put such a value on what death is ?

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