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Originally Posted by Colorado
You are just missing one valid point, those situations were created by the person, or people who decided to cause mass shootings and war. These were not created by a devil, demons, or ghost. They were all caused by people. That is the life they chose. There is no famine on this earth, only ignorance. This earth is abundant of food and water, itís a matter of knowing how to use the resources...again something we have lost due to our civilizations and way of life. Very few people eat from the earth like we are suppose to.

Unfortunantly, some peopleís bad choices affect others....who are innocent, or atleast from the point of our earthly eyes.

That doesnít mean all those people are going to hell, or will make a hell for themselves in the afterlife. That means the ones creating these situations, will make a similiar afterlife for themselves, or from their beliefs.

The innocent victims, or unassuming, or ignorant....will go on and make their own afterlife, based on their own beliefs and energetic level of attraction.

Also, death is not meant to be a was meant to be a graduation period from one level of consciousness to another....but as the world is, it has been distorted, and made more tragic with every belief, movie, book, story, and accident in human kinds existence.

Firstly, I do not believe death is a negative thing; though I do believe that it can be interpreted in such a way should an individual choose to do so.

My view of Hell is not of some physical place where people go to when they haven't followed some set of 'rules', but of negative experience plain and simple. Whether than negative experience is caused by other humans is irrelevant. But not all negative experience is human caused.

Being trapped under rubble in agonizing pain for days as the result of an earthquake is not my idea of a good time. Neither is living in a place that has been hammered by drought so that I am starving and malnourished, alive but constantly hungry.

My life has been pretty neutral thus far. I have experienced amazing things, utter bliss and contentment. And I have also experienced not so amazing things. As I am typing this I have a sprained wrist and a cracked rib. I am in pain and it sucks. That's okay, as I can cope with it and accept it. But some people live their entire lives in agonizing pain as the result of hereditary disease. And other negative experiences abound in this place we call home.

I am not saying that people who experience this in any way deserve it. I won't claim to know such things. But I do believe that negative experiences are real (in that they exist to be experienced), and that since such experiences are real, they must and will be experienced.

Everything that I have experienced has led me to believe that this reality exists for the sake of experience, and that any experience that can be experienced will be experienced. Those experiences include both what we would describe as good and bad things. Most of them will include both good and bad things (such as our own lives). Other ones will be almost completely good. And some will be extremely bad.

I have had visions of horrifying experiences. As much as I would like to play ignorant and pretend that they don't exist, I can't because I have (for a short time only) experienced them myself. Those experiences were undoubtedly real in that I really felt what was happening to me.

If it helps you, then feel free to ignore me. I am only sharing my own beliefs as it is relevant to the topic at hand.
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