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Originally Posted by WabiSabi
Not to play devil's advocate, but I think such a notion is quite one-sided. You say that in our innocence we would never be able to conceive of Hell, and yet from experience we know that very negative experiences can occur right here on Earth. Mass shootings, wars, famine, genocide, etc. I believe it is quite logical to assume that if such negativity can exist here, even if we as an individual are filled with love and bliss, then even worse experiences can exist elsewhere.

You are just missing one valid point, those situations were created by the person, or people who decided to cause mass shootings and war. These were not created by a devil, demons, or ghost. They were all caused by people. That is the life they chose. There is no famine on this earth, only ignorance. This earth is abundant of food and water, it’s a matter of knowing how to use the resources...again something we have lost due to our civilizations and way of life. Very few people eat from the earth like we are suppose to. It is when we are in physical form, that we are tested, and how far we will go, good or bad, that determenines what we are willing to learn or do. In our innocence, we are like babies..we are clean slates.

Unfortunantly, some people’s bad choices affect others....who are innocent, or atleast from the point of our earthly eyes.

That doesn’t mean all those people are going to hell, or will make a hell for themselves in the afterlife. That means the ones creating these situations, will make a similiar afterlife for themselves, or from their beliefs.

The innocent victims, or unassuming, or ignorant....will go on and make their own afterlife, based on their own beliefs and energetic level of attraction.

Also, death is not meant to be a was meant to be a graduation period from one level of consciousness to another....but as the world is, it has been distorted, and made more tragic with every belief, movie, book, story, and accident in human kinds existence.
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