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That ever present balance of what is good and what is bad, note that I do not use "evil" as I feel that if there was such a darkness nothing would exist. As one that knows well there is a pull to things we should not play in, and that there is a karma that bites, we too are here to learn and grow a Soul.

Is there a place of fire, if there is in all the crossings I have done I have yet to see it. I have crossed some of what human kinds would call the vermin of the Earth, into the Light. Now I do not refer to that light as Heaven or into the hands of God. I feel that there is a higher power a Universal power that guides us, but things like Hell are man generated for control.

Looking at the possibility that there is an Enlightenment out there that final place for our Soul to go to. Taking into account that too we have something with us that is a Soul, to find that final place would we not have to walk in all life paths that are there. Being born good and being born bad. Doing things that are thought to send one to Hell.

Many times we say that we have lived or are living in Hell, yet we are living.

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