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Well, I wasn’t able to pull up that exact video, something is wrong with it, I think. I was able to watch other videos of his, with the same analogy.

He believes in reincarnation and karma. He believes that our souls don’t unite into a sea of energy together, until that karma is resolved. He believes that ghost are intense energies who can not reincarnate right away, until some of the intensity dissipates....and that we reincarnate right after death.

His beliefs are very similiar to mine, except I do not believe everything he says. I had my own NDE, although I obviously am alive and did not reincarnate.

I don’t really know about ghost, but my opinion is similiar to his...intense energies, not at peace., however....there is a lot of hauntings that are not conscious...and ghost that seem to have no meaning, or purpose, really. Residual hauntings, might be the aura off those energies...because of the intensity, while the actual energy has moved on. Like lingering smoke from fire. That would be my guess. They even have the smokey, hazy physical appearance.

There are different levels or wavelengths for energy to I think there are different levels of ghosts and hauntings.

He did not mention memories in the videos I watched. I found him a bit annoying, arrogant and talked in circles. However, I do believe he is knowledgeable, based on my own experiences.

But, I would say, much like him.....we are individual energy here, but when our cycles of reincarnation is over, we will be one with the mass of highest vibrational light and energy.....and it is there, will all our consciousness, memories, feelings, ect be combined.....and will be one.
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