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Mystic Sadghuru on Near Death Experiences

Hello everyone,

So I have really been into this Yogi, Sadghuru lately and have just started his mediation by doing Isha Kriya. To make a long story short, one of my major beliefs have been about Life after Death and the 100's and 100's of NDE's I have read about.

I believe this has been one of the biggest influences that helped strengthen my Christianity and my spirituality beliefs. As I am growing and learning about other spirituality I watched this YouTube video and seeing Sadghuru speak about NDE's kinda torn me apart.

Please watch and let me know your opinions on it. I would love to have a discussion if anybody is willing.

I want to find the truth with Sadghuru always talks about. I just feel kinda lost in this whole process right now. The NDE's really have truly gave me peace in this life like no other and this is upsetting it. I just dont understand! :(
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