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Question i have for years.

Hello all, first im new and my english isn't really good so i will do my best. Im not sure this is the right section to post this.

Years ago when i was 7 or 8 i can't remember which age i was im now 20. We were in france on vacation we were spending time on the beach. (Details i can remember perfectly) surfing swimming and a sunny day with no clouds. I was laying in the sand and suddenly i felt a hand on my back, that was weird because i was laying alone, i looked at the sky towards the sun and the sea. And i saw in a circle the face of my uncle. (That was the day he commited suiced but we didnt know then) we went back to the netherlands and a few days later we got a phone that my cousin found his father hanging in the room. He didnt hear something from him in 7 days so he went to look if he was home. How can it be that i felt a hand on my back and saw his face in the sky the day he commited suicide ? I hope someone can help me answering this questions and is there a way to contact the otherside or am i open to this side ? I think its possible, my girlfriend saw a woman at her bed when she was young and her mother saw it to. Again sorry for my english.

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