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I think hell, based off what I know from my NDE (keep in mind, I didn’t see a hell) but I did see energy, different levels of vibrational frequency for energy to travel. I kinda agree with the poster above, who said it’s a state of’s a level of energy that ones energy might be attracted to. Again, it’s not like what you read in the Bible, however, it can be if that is your belief. Hell, is a frequency, where one who has a very low energy level....and I would assume that like the other levels, that it would be where your worse fears are. Energy always changes, we can all have a bad day/week/year....and create our own hell. I would say that’s why people think that suicides and other people who are in a not so good place emotionally, might see a hell when they first die. Energy always changes though, we do not go through life with one emotion or energy, our energy fluctuates through out the day, happy, sad, mad, bored, ecstatic, surprised, funny, etc, ...all these emotions are energy...and they all have their own frequencies....and energy is not solid matter, it’s somewhat like water.... it’s flowing.

But if you can imagine, somebody who passes over from suicide, is in great pain they may see a hell, of their own energies making, or a lower level. But, that’s not everybody, it really depends on their energy and how well they can let go of such emotions and move on from that state of energy. It could be two seconds or forever, If they are that stubborn, however....most souls would ask for help if they were scared enough. I know there is help, because I was greeted by a deceased loved one and what “I believe” was an angel...and my NDE was what a I would call, accidentally induced. Your beliefs, what you think and feel, is what you are. Guard your thoughts and feelings above all.

All the afterlife is, is energy. It is what you make of it....much like life, but easier. In our natural energetic state, we are like a clean slate. That’s how a I felt, but I believe there are people who have such high and low levels of energy, that even in a clean slate...their highs or lows, might over-shadow that neutral or happy clean slate...a,d they may need some help.

Also, keep in mind...that it’s not the same experience for all of hell, would be much different than your hell, and your hell, would be different than somebody dy else’s hell....the reason for souls seeing a burning lake, demons, Satan, because the Bible and other religions is read by the masses, you have been told this, and so, it is a mass belief....and your beliefs do shape your life, afterlife, energy and feelings...and so you would create that experience, from what you heard or had been told.

My hell would be flying and falling from heights, that’s my worst and greatest fears....I could give two ****s about a lake of fire, but put me in the sky or off the ground, and I will be praying to God, Santa Claus, or Ghandi, in complete and utter fear.
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