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Originally Posted by Firetastic
Before my Cousin got diagnosed with Cancer my mum had a very vivid dream of my Cousin's mum saying "I'm waiting" A couple of weeks later we discovered she had Cancer. My mum is a bit psychic. She has had a few experiences in her life. Me none at all unfortunately.
Yes, that is how it happens....only getting bits of pieces, and trying to put the puzzle together. I never knew, when I was younger...that I was having spiritual experiences, I just thought it was weird...and didn’t pay attention to it. It wasn’t until later, that I realized what it was...and that I really was weird��

I honestly have to think, because of how things turned out for me....if most people do have these experiences, but because it’s so easy to forget dreams, or foo foo away random thoughts or images in our minds....if people don’t have the same rational mind that I always had....that these things didn’t deserve much credential, and were just fleeting feelings and thoughts, that make no sense at the time...and it’s just coincidence. Unfortunantly for me, that logicality...blocked those experiences, and that is when somebody, or something upstairs thought it would be a good idea to make my experiences much more blunt and loud, where I couldn’t ignore it. It was either, believe what I was being shown, and seeing the outcome for proof...or go to the doctor and tell them I am completely which crazy people don’t know they are crazy, so that didnt work for me...I’m very astute, it radiates off me, even when I want to be crazy...(everybody deserves to be a little crazy and to have their craziness to be taken serious now and then:) But If it ain’t in Gods plan for don’t work, you have no choice but to face it.

At my worst when things were happening, and scared family and doctors had no sympathy for me. It was “buck up, here’s a light anti go find God” Lol, well that’s who I’m running from! Am I hearing this correctly, because I’m telling you these things are happening, and I’m pretty sure you should think I’m nuts, scientifically and medically, sympathy or help at all from anyone, nowhere, no help to avoid it.

The last straw for me was 4 years ago. I was working nights at a medical facility, when out of nowhere, I started having panic attacks...for no reason. My charge nurse let me go home and check on my children. They were teens, and their dad worked until 2:30am...we lived out in the country, so they were safe....but this anxiety and terrible dark feelings, lasted 3 days. I couldn’t help but feel my kids were in danger...and at one point, I looked down the hall at work, and thought I saw a dark shadow, but I didn’t let it consume me, and just ignored it. I explained to my supervisor, that I needed to check on my kids...and she was really good, and let me go home on my lunch break all three nights. It was a small close knit facility, maybe 20 workers total. Well, the 4th day, I had the day off work....and the feelings, panic attacks and anxiety stopped. It was beautiful outside, and we had been swimming that day in the pool...I went on fb later that day, and the local news had a breaking story. My coworkers young toddler had drowned in their pool. That was the last straw for me. I had enough at that point, things still happen...but not on that scale any,ore, atleast not since then.

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