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Originally Posted by shivatar
I feel the same way.

When we have the ability to create any reality that we want who knows what we will create for our self. Some people want to experience earthly things once again, some want to experience the higher things.

I think to be pure energy and to experience pure aspects of reality like love or self-awareness is pretty awesome. I think to experience any aspect of reality is pretty awesome, the elements are amazing and so is nature. Some people would rather re-live their favorite TV show as their TV show, or their favorite relationship as their earthly self. Who am I to judge is what I say, compassion for everybody is the only safe play.

And what does it mean to live anyways? If we say that to be alive is to be conscious then we are alive even when we are dead.

Physical reality can only be experienced through the body, so if we say to be alive means to be living in physical reality then we can see that we are eternal beings as long as we believe we are conscious even in death. For someone who truly understands the power of consciousness this isn't much of a leap of faith.
Great post...I whole heartedly agree.
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