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Originally Posted by happyhaunts03
This past weekend while I was camping, my step-mother's favorite necklace showed up in my mother's purse. My mother hasn't used the purse in years and the necklace wasn't lost until December 2016. My step-mother passed away in February. My mom told me after she found it, she got the strangest sense that she was supposed to give it to me, like it was mine.

I sometimes see/feel my step-mother in my third eye. She comes to me as she looked in her 20s, or so I imagine. I have only seen black and white photos of her at that age, and then only one. I hadn't seen her for a while, but I have to believe she was with us this past weekend. It was the first time we had gone camping since she passed and we were in her favorite site.

Anyway, it was just such a magical experience that I wanted to put it out there. My step-mother and I were somewhat close, but it's surprising to me how she continues to give me support even in the afterlife as I didn't think she cared so deeply during life. Has anyone else ever had someone surprising continue to contact you after death? And, if so, has there always been a purpose, or is it just random?
What a great story....thank you for sharing. Back in those days, people were raised different, they weren’t as openly affectionate as the newer generations are...not as expressive. People kept their more,affectionate emotions to themselves, generally. Some of my best memories are with my older generation of family members...who have passed on now. Mainly, they were good with the grandchildren, and great grandchildren...often spending time talking to us. Good conversations, you know....take care of your teeth, life, silly people, hard work, etc.

Yes, I have been contacted, and had odd experiences like that. With out amdoubt in my mind...that necklace belongs to you, your other mother wanted you to have it.

I have so many stories I have shared, but one of my favorites is my young uncle who died in Vietnam, he was 20 years old, right before his 21st birthday.

I wasn’t born until 1978, I have a huge family....lots of cousins, aunts and uncles...with some of the women having late in life children into their forties. I had never heard of him before, I think it was too hard for my great grandparents to talk about.

I lost contact with my great grandparents as a kid, well into adulthood, because my parents divorced and I moved 5 states away.

I would have random dreams, and at times....this young boy/guy would appear to the left of my dream. He would just stand there. What was odd, was that the dreams would change, sometimes several times a night....just jumbled stuff that didn’t make any sense...but he would be there. I would notice him there, but I would never really give him much thought.

This went on for years, and then one day...I thought “who the heck is that?” Weird, why is this young guy in my dreams?

If you have read any of my posts, most of my psychic experiences, happen in my dreams. Premonitions, visits from deceased and alive people, visits from angels, guides, etc.

Well, one night...I was having a random dream, and he showed up again, there on the left...and this time...I paid attention to him. I look over and said....who are you???

And he held up a flashing neon yellow sign....that just read, “1968” It was blinking and very bright. That made me feel like he wanted my attention, and this was a message.

He didn’t say anything, just this flashy sign that you would see at a bar n grill, or to advertise a beer.

I knew then, he was a spirit...and not some random image from my dreams.

I asked my mother on the phone, whom died in 1968, and she said my grandmother, and I, a young male, around 20years old....she asked my aunts at her house, and they didn’t know. Nobody on her side knew. I let it go...second guessing the experience.

A couple of years later, I was reading my great grandfathers obituary online...and there he said that my great grandfather had joined his wife, and two of his children in death. Then it mentioned my uncle, who I had never met...who also served our country(so did my great grandfather in WW2) and lost his life in Vietnam in 1968. He was 20 years old.

That’s how I found out about him.

I know I have never formerly met him, and it sounds strange...but I love him to pieces. Now, it seems he has always been apart of my life. I have pictures of him now, on the “memorial wall” and online, as well as with me, to keep his memory alive. He looked just like my moms side and my little nephews.... light curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and dimples. He was adorable, just like them.

It broke my heart, that he died in far away from his family and home. I include him, and his battalion in my prayers, and in the memorials.
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