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Very often I give out thanks and gratitude to those who have passed on. I sense that they have a better chance of understanding me than they maybe even had when they were physically here!
I think back, and also send my thanks to strangers along my life-path, although I have no way of knowing if they have passed on or not. But there are a number of such people in my life who have been so kind, with nothing to gain from it. Unconditional love and care was what they gave me at the time. Then we were never to meet again.

I was lucky enough to be able to say my thanks to both parents well before they passed, but even now, when I remember something, I send them my thanks for that.

As for a penny dropping in your shoe....that might well have been Mike. Who knows? But days after a friend of mine passed a few years ago, one morning a spoon launched itself off the counter and ended up 6 feet away on the kitchen floor!
And it was at the time he always used to come round to visit for coffee....1pm.
It was a thing with us that I used to nag him about putting a wet spoon in the sugar jar, then stirring his coffee with it, then putting that wet spoon into the powdered milk! Of course that made a clogged-up mess of both the sugar and the milk. He used to forget, and keep doing it, and I always used to roll my eyes about it! haha....
Then that spoon came flying. I am sure they have a sense of humour even though they no longer have a physical body! Also I think he wanted me to know that it was him, and that was his method.
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