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Slayer, that is a good question! They say our soul is as old as the Universe itself, but if so, where do we come from?

I was reading about soul contracts and some believe that every single thing we've gone through and are yet to go through is all predestined...have you heard of this? It seems different from someone else controlling our destinies, and puts the power back in our own hands. Still more reading to do on this, though.

Originally Posted by Native spirit
I am A medium and my next door neighbours who are also friends, their daughter was told it would be a miracle for her to get pregnant,
i kept seeing her Grandfather who had passed,holding a new born baby boy
i told her this baby was waiting to be born to her.she refused to believe because of what the doctors had told her.
6 months later i saw her grandfather again this time he was putting the baby in her arms i told her again.she started crying as she was desperate for a baby,i described the baby i told her he is a wise soul he was blonde blue eyed etc.she laughed as she and her estranged husband were both dark.
this baby came 10 months later just as i described soon as he could speak he said to me i used to see you when i was with with my grand pa in the other world.


This experience you had was so beautiful, teared up and got chills! Such an amazing gift you have, and the chance to share this with your neighbor, so wonderful!
"Live all of your life. Understand it, see it, appreciate it. And have fun." - Joss Whedon
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