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Originally Posted by Native spirit
I am A medium and my next door neighbours who are also friends, their daughter was told it would be a miracle for her to get pregnant,
i kept seeing her Grandfather who had passed,holding a new born baby boy
i told her this baby was waiting to be born to her.she refused to believe because of what the doctors had told her.
6 months later i saw her grandfather again this time he was putting the baby in her arms i told her again.she started crying as she was desperate for a baby,i described the baby i told her he is a wise soul he was blonde blue eyed etc.she laughed as she and her estranged husband were both dark.
this baby came 10 months later just as i described soon as he could speak he said to me i used to see you when i was with with my grand pa in the other world.


I used to think a while back where I had lost my faith that there were no benign spirits out there as I was getting very used to dealing with more malign spirits- not of my own making- more of it being sprung on me during my spiritual path.

That is until I met a neighbor of mine who has mediumship ability who spoke of it and told her story to my family and I. Her story reminded me of a forgotten past memory where I communicated with a past relative to bring a message to a living relative. I had not ever met this relative, he had died very young in a facility for tuberculosis due to the presence of air bubbles in a shot he was given. He had died between the ages 15-17. I'd have to see his stone at the family plot again to determine exactly.

The discussion with our neighbor prompted my father to speak of an experience my grandfather had a little while before his passing. My father said "My father didn't believe in any of that" My father was saying this in reference to myself telling them the story of my experience and trying to face my grandfather (very stern man) to tell him his brother wanted to speak with him "He never believed any of it he told me until he had his heart attack and had his near death experience. He remembers during this time he could hear his mother and his aunt talking and laughing". My father said, and then continued on "When he heard that he realized a few things".

I take the experience I had speaking with my great uncle, and the communications between my grandfather passed and myself as enough to give me faith that there are benign spirits, and that ancestor spirits are capable of speaking with us.

For quite a while I had given up hope that there were benign spirits possibly there. I had begun to think those who practice mediumship were fooling themselves. I am beyond joyed to find I was wrong.

I take my father's relay of my grandfather's experience as a clue to the after-life. Perhaps our ancestors and those who have gone before are waiting.

However I can not say this as absolute truth. I will not know the truth of what lies beyond until the time of my own mortal passing.

May it be a peaceful occasion.
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