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Originally Posted by dream jo
thnx sky
wz grt 2 sea him yday flt grt 2 sea him coz dream jo wil be a daddys grl for evr she will
moms so cofsd now she is foget thngs evry 5 secs thn askkk sam thng agan she duz
its sad wen shes askin for ded peple not bean 2 sea her i eemr on day she saed her sisr did cum 2 se her it de died yrs go but i thng she mit hav had a vstason she did
peplee say pepele its got dem/alz dnt belve wot thy say
i say doffo coz thy cud be spritly conet 2 thy cud be

I lost my Mum to Alzhiemers and worked for years in a Nursing Home with people suffering from this horrible disease. The best thing to do with your Mum is just listen to what she say's and if her demands are not going to physically hurt her agree with everything she tells you.
If you agree with what she says then she will be less agitated and this is a good thing...
Take care Jo
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