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Originally Posted by shivatar
If reading it out of a book is considered being taught then yes I was taught.

In my opinion nothing is unquestionable. I may read something and put off questioning until the end of the chapter, or end of the book, but only if I really like and trust the author. For most authors I will begin to question it whenever the red flags come up. My internal red flags I mean.

I don't think of the I AM at all. It's a mystery that goes beyond thought. I've become aware of it many times before but the awe and wonder has faded for me by this point. I'm not trying to live in awe or bliss, nor am I trying to understand the grand scheme of the cosmos. I'm just trying to live my life and for that I don't need knowledge of the I AM. I pursue knowledge as a hobby.

Ehh. I will stand my ground that there is a future.

I understand.
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