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Originally Posted by FMView
The I Am which I refer is not a sound but an awareness of self, neither passive nor active.

Is your thought that to enjoy life, the less one thinks of themselves the more one gets out of it?

My interpretation of "I AM" is similarly "the awareness of self" EXACTLY as you described it.

My experience is that, when one transcends the little, separatist, self-created, mental-prison often referred to as the ego, one has the direct experience of unitary consciousness (for lack of better words) and one intuitively sees the "Big Picture" (so to speak) and acts quite naturally in the best interests of all without an expectation of a return. That --- to me --- is the "I AM" (not verbal) experience of the totality where, naturally, "the less one thinks of themselves, the more one gets out of it". When I surrender to THAT, things ALWAYS work out for the best ... ultimately...for all involved whereas, when I rely on the little separatist mindset, things are not always that positive.
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