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Originally Posted by FMView
So these are not your words/beliefs but something you were taught, did you never have questions, is it too late to question now or is it unquestionable? My beliefs are mine, some have been gathered and incorporated but they all must be understood before I make them mine. So what I say may have been said before me but I don't say it till it rings true to me.
When I spoke of evolution, I was referring to the process, change, like this thread. But now that you mention it, the change in the human form can be measured.

Do you not think of the I AM as your parent?

Gone from your future, now that sounds like pride. There is no future, there is only now and now constantly changes. Maybe the memories are there for you to manifest now, not to regret but to build on and share/be that person with others.

It is well said that "that which is does not even say I AM".
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