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Originally Posted by FMView
It is not my intention to provoke anxiety, please know that. My goal is not to be right but to get it right. I have come to the point in understanding and awareness where the I am choses thoughts. In your original response you wrote that the I am knows death as per your reasoning then your second response seemed to be about a different I am but it is closer to the one that I am talking about. The pre-death I am, the one from which we are exact replicas.
We are born into teachings, traditions, behaviors and ignorance developed by our ancestors, if they didn't need to evolve what is our purpose? Just to be an illustration?

I don't think we can lose some one we love, I think what you are talking about is about times that you never had or times wasted.

It's not my reasoning, it's the words of elders who have gone before me. If you want to learn more about it look into Hinduism and other forms of eastern mysticism, that's where I got the teachings from.

Evolution is an idea to describe how the world appears to us just like most forms of monotheism. It seems convincing, yes, but it's about as close to being proven as the big bang. Lots of evidence, yes, but nothing concrete.

They needed to survive not evolve. Mankind hasn't needed to evolve in tens of thousands of years, maybe hundreds. It's also a rare phenomenon that in humans instead of evolving again biologically it's our culture that evolves instead. Very strange but also amazing. A lizard cant become a bird through choice, but we can choose which culture we participate in, so in some way its almost like we have conquered evolution.

Exact replicas of the oringinal I AM.... I have to strongly disagree. Maybe if you further explain what you mean I won't but it seems like a statement full of pride to be honest. Exact replica's of God... Maybe we have like, one, maybe two, parts of our existence that are remotely similar to Gods, but all of them?

If you lose someone they are gone from your future. Their physical presence is gone from your life forever... maybe even after death, maybe until death, who knows. The point is when people die they are gone, and it hurts.

When I miss someone who has died, yes I miss the old times, but the reason I miss that is because I'm thinking about wanting to do something with them in the present moment. And realizing that I can't I go to memories instead. I've heard the argument "you don't miss someone, you miss their memories" but I don't think it's entirely true. I think part of the pain is realizing that there can never be more memories made, that what there is is all there is, and that's depressing. The unknown can be scary but it's also exciting.
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