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Originally Posted by FMView
Correct me if I am wrong but are you saying that the I am came into existence at the same time as life and death? And if its the natural order of things why should it be thought of as unfortunate? It seems to me that in order for one to recognize that it is alive there must be another.
Are you aware that the natural state of the mind is at rest?

I'm saying that life, time, death, all came from the original I AM. They are not requirements for the I AM to exist, they come from within the I AM. So the I AM existed before those things.

they were un-manifested before. But at the whim of the I AM they were manifested. Why is not known.

IDK why things are the way they are. Why do we pillage the planet? Why do we steal time from our grandchildren? Why do we steal from our elders?

Why why why. I don't have answers for the madness caused by the free will of human choice.

You can answer your own question a little though. You can answer why you think death is unfortunate.

Look to the people you love the most. Some day they will be gone and you will think it's so unfortunate that death has to be a part of life. One day you'll lose the person you love the most in life. It's times like those that make us question why death is necessary and it's also times like those that help us realize why death has the bad reputation it does. The more unknown a person is to us the easier it is to say "death isn't so bad, it's actually the best part of life!" , but when our closest loved one dies then we are truly tested.

IDK about natural state of the mind. Natural state compared to what?
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