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Originally Posted by FMView
I know, it was here when we got here but was it always here?
Most indentify with their bodies but you can remove parts of the body and the I am remains whole. Does the I am know death, I think not, so it has to be something learned.

Death came into existence the moment that life did.

All things came into existence at the same moment.

The I am does know death, otherwise it wouldn't know it's alive. Since we recognize we are alive, we must also know death. It seems unfortunate that we must experience death, but perhaps it's the best thing about life. I think the worst thing about death is the uncertainty. Perhaps once we experience it the pain is over and we get bored, we desire life once again and we reincarnate.

That is to say the I AM experiences life and death. Could any one of us say we know life though? We know the experience of life but we all describe it differently. We could try to play with words here and reach a common understanding, but that understanding would not compare to the experience. The words life and God are similar. We say we can experience each one but we can't clearly define either.
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