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Souls Do Indeed Have The Spiritual Potential To At Least Become Lesser Gods

Originally Posted by prasannatrust
Oh yes humans are able to develop these abilities. I wouldn't call them superpowers coz we have them since birth. but from the moment we are born we adopt the programmed beliefs of religions, schools that such things do not exist or they're evil. television most people see daily further presents these abilities as fiction in movies. As a result we end up not reading much into the paranormal & totally dismiss it.
I wholeheartedly agree.

Around the Third Century there was a man named Arius who caused quite a stir with Christian orthodoxy by posing a question to the Bishop of Alexandria. The question and argument, paraphrased, basically went like this:

If God, The Father, had a Son, then there must have been a time when the Son was not God. That Jesus had to EVOLVE into becoming one with The Father, to become God as well. If Jesus had to evolve into divinity, then it is logically possible for all of us to learn how to do the same! To become divine, just like Jesus, as well!

This led to Arianism and rattled the very foundation of Christendom! Highly controversial for its day and eventually condemned, it is what led to ending any official belief in Christianity that humanity has the spiritual potential to become divine.

We must not limit ourselves by harboring limiting beliefs taught in schools and controlling religions (like fundamentalist Christianity) that would only hinder our pursuit of the truth and advanced spiritual development towards becoming a Co-Creator after bodily death.

To this day, within most sects of Christianity and also within Islam there is the limiting belief that at best we can only become good servants of a space god. Never to have the opportunity to evolve into god realization - even as lesser gods - ourselves. With the notable exception within Mormonism, whereby they have the belief - which they don't like to openly talk about - that the soul has the spiritual potential to evolve to the point of being able to someday, after death, create an idyllic world or realm and start a new civilization of one's own(sic).

However, from my many years of metaphysical experience, the Mormons are going about it all the wrong way. You don't get there from having multiple wives or through traditional religious practices of prayer and meditation.

With no need to reinvent the wheel, you get there from emulating the spiritual path of the finite yet vast space god, The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega, who, eons ago, manifested The Big Bang with the non-living Light, the higher power on The Other Side.

You get there by living by The Golden Rule and by greatly improving the ability to love genuinely and deeply - or radiate spiritual white light to a high degree. The path of which has come to be called Heart Chakra Radiance or God Yoga. The required degree of selflessness to become a stable, pre-ascended lesser god takes years to cultivate and is well worth the effort. To be actualized in energy - or have one's god powers accessible - via the expansion of one's consciousness in the non-living Light of God after bodily death.

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