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I'm sorry to read of your plight, but know that you are not alone.

Somatoform disorder is a total nuisance, because even though there are physical symptoms, there's no medical cause for it and therefore it cannot be physically treated. I speak from direct experience here (in the throes of costochondritis for the past week or so).

Yep, it feels like you are gonna die...every night...but you never do and I guess, in the end, an acceptance of that fact is reached.

There is a limit to allopathic medicine in regards to psychosomatic disorders with presenting physical symptoms and I have been to many general practitioners who want to send me to psychiatrists who will only pump me full of anti psychotic medication which causes severe parkinsonian symptoms...I just got off that whole treadmill 3 months ago - after putting on 20 kgs in the process. *sigh*

Now, I am having reiki, accupuncture and recently have made arrangements to see a shamanic healer because I realise my whole problem is totally spiritual in nature...not even shrinks can help with this.

There's a general avoidance of the whole medical profession to discuss energetic problems. No doc, I do not have a Functional Neurological Disorder! I just kinda raised my kundalini prematurely...problem? lol

All the best.
"Persistence is the child of total and utter desperation" - Shivani.
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