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Next Time In An Aircraft - JUST LOOK OUT THE WINDOW!!

Originally Posted by Avadar
When we leave our bodies and venture above Terra, the terrifying truth of the flat Earth surrounded by a gigantic wall of ice, with other lands outside, is made obvious. Maybe you will want to wait a while after you transition before doing that.

I've been OBE more times than I can count and hung in space marveling over earth, watching satellites rotate, earth's auric field and many other things.
Earth is NOT surrounded by a wall of Ice with other lands outside.
Where did you hear this nonsense?!
You bring up, albeit indirectly and unwittingly, an excellent point.

Many out of body experiences (OOBE's), like many if not most remote viewings (RV's) - also called scientific remote viewings (SRV's) - are manipulated by those on the Other Side (i.e., by inferior spirits, individually and collectively) who wish to hide the absolute truth for selfish reasons.

Now, if you were to transition and venture high above Terra, and meditated up there for a while, unencumbered by the telepathic manipulation of inferior spirits, then you would see the Flat Earth as it is.

Just because someone is on the Other Side does not automatically entail objectivity, knowledge, and wisdom.

But we don't have to wait until death for this to be made clear to us.

All you have to do is review all the testimonials of EXPERTS who espouse that we live on a plane and not a globe.

Here is a sampling of what I mean...

Just Look Out The Window

DogCamSport flies to the edge of space 110,000 ft on a balloon!

Whistle Blower Confirms Satellites Are A Hoax

U.S. Navy Missile Instructor Confirms Flat Earth

Confessions Of An Airline Pilot About The Flat Earth

German Engineer/Pilot Confirms Flat Earth

Flat Earth View From 317,000 Feet

U.S. Army Artillery Radar Operator, Air Pilots, Australian Intelligence Officer, U.S. Army Master Gunner, U.S. Flight Instructor, U.S. Air Traffic Controller, Corporate Travel Agent, International Shipping Expert, Surveyor with 32 years of experience, Industrial Engineer, and U.S. Army Sniper Instructor, All Confirm Flat Earth

No mystery here. The plane is as plain as the nose on your face.

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