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Not all who believe in an Intelligent Designer are among the traditionally religious (e.g., Christian); the term for those who are not traditionally religious but who believe in an Intelligent Designer is Deist. Many famous people in history, including many founding fathers of the United States, were Deist.

Moreover, not all who are believe in a Flat Earth:

1. Discount the law of gravity.
2. Discount the theory of evolution - as at least a part of how Homo sapien life unfolded.

Interventionism and colonialism are two terms (from two different researchers, Lloyd Pye and Dr. Thomas Borkowski respectively) that mean the same thing: the idea that thousands of years ago Homo sapien life was jump-started by a technically advanced group of extraterrestrials. The ancient Sumerians referred to these aliens as the Annunaki. The Annunaki came here, colonized, and eventually - in a laboratory - mixed their DNA with the already evolving hominids here, in order to have a slave race to work the mines for gold. If they had just left the hominids alone, those ape-like beings would have eventually evolved into something along the lines of Homo sapiens.

Oftentimes, the absolute truth about something is a blend of opposing opinions. The Hegelian dialectic defines three components of truth unfolding. First there is the thesis, then there is the opposing antithesis, which then leads to the synthesis.

The synthesis is that there was an Intelligent Designer who started The Big Bang but had nothing to do with the formation of any traditional religion, as He has yet to come into this space-time continuum (essentially the Deist perspective). That many realms - like this one - were part of the Genesis Matrix in order for humanoid life to emerge. That in this particular realm we are all Terran-Reticulan Hybrids with 223 Reticulan-alien genes in our DNA.

That figure of 223 aliens genes in human DNA was first given by the archeologist Zecharia Sitchin and then confirmed by Dr. Roger Leir.

This is not to imply that the Reticulans/Zetans that jump-started Homo sapien life here are our spiritual masters. Quite the contrary. Despite their high technology, they are parasitic beings who prey upon the weak and reflect a spiritually retarded civilization. They consider The Terran Plane to be one of their farms which they harvest and subjugate selfishly. Abduction abuse reflects that harvesting. That will eventually end, as it is the karma for all empires to eventually collapse.
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