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Hi Avadar!

That's interesting about Sylvia Brown -- I hope those were rumors? Maybe not. At least she helped with fibromyalgia info. She did seem kinda mad when giving readings -- but wasn't sure if that was due to focusing hard. That's sad to think about. I really like a lot of her books.

Thanks too for the diet/nutrition info. Sadly, my body doesn't coordinate with soy. I'm definitely going to try the parsley and cilantro for detoxing (have been trying to find foods/herbs for this recently). Moringa Leaf sounds amazing -- I'll definitely try that too!

<< Afterwards I learned that the nephew, while in attendance, had a vision of me fighting evil with a Star Wars light saber. This proved to be good symbolism. >>

What a great vision! I LOVE Star Wars!

<< So there I was at that Reiki seminar in 1998, the antithesis of the group think mindset of that yellow-energy Reiki Group Entity. They saw that my aura and energy were much different, they knew what I represented, and consequently astrally attacked. Having had much experience with astral attacks from Group Entities, I immediately knew what was happening and decided to leave the seminar early, which was a wise move. >>

Gosh, I've never heard that before. Sorry you went through that.

<< The medical intuitive suggestion is a good one. If you can give a reference for one on the East Coast, preferably in the Virginia-Maryland-Washington DC area, I would appreciate it. Thanks. >>

I don't know any, but might know "someone who knows someone." I'll PM you, ok?

Thanks again for your very interesting post.
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