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Dear BringMeTheHorizon
First “end it all? ", it is not what happens, because you know that after the death of our body (which is only a garment for our spirit), your spirit will continue its long evolutionary journey, passing through other tests and learnings.
Know the real cause is not the problem here, you must be sure, you are not alone, God is looking for you. God is truly merciful and just, your suffering has a genuine cause that justify your situation and above all was allowed to happen to you!
After this introduction, we can speculate on you case, repeat speculate a probable cause since only the future will tell YOU the reason for this situation.
Cause from past live, in this item we have 2 possible causes: you made something bad and in order to redeem yourself you asked to come and suffer what you cased to others… don’t think it is your case. Second is you made something bad and you regret what you did but those who suffered from acts seeks for revenge, most probably it your case.
Other issue that supports this is a lack of diagnostics from our medicine for your condition, so is not material your problem, it is spiritual.
Here comes the problem how to treat this spiritual cause. How do you convince your enemy that you are not anymore that person who fought in the past! You must change your behavior, your aptitudes proving that you are no more that old person. You must do charity, must help others, help the poors, do a volunteer job etc… You must replace all defects and vices for virtues… You must pray a lot for this/those spirits asking for forgiveness, telling that you are no longer that person. Prey for your spiritual guide to help you pass through this situation, be patient.
As I told you in the beginning, this could be one cause, but only you will know/fell if this is the real deal.
I would recommend to look after a spiritist center near you for spiritual treatment:
You may find in below link some:
Also study the books from Allan Kardec will help you have a better understanding of your situation.
Good study!
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