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Health Tips & Advanced Radiance Conflicting With Reiki Energies

Hi Klaatu24!

I am not seriously ill at present. Just some relatively minor issues for my 56 years, and I am not on any medication whatsoever.

Originally Posted by Klaatu24
Avadar, that's amazing info you have!

Originally Posted by Klaatu24
Sylvia Brown (a psychic who's transitioned to the other side), once told someone who she was giving a psychic reading to, that for fibromyalgia eat a high protein diet.
Before she passed, I heard through a Spiritualist Church up in New York State, that I briefly visited, that she tended not to treat her clients very well - along with extravagant fees. Some not too nice things were said about her.

Regardless, Sylvia did once say something very significant on television:

Most people on the Other Side are not devoted to The Light.

In all my years of metaphysical investigation, I have found this to be a very important spiritual truth.

Originally Posted by Klaatu24
High protein, of course, is meat, chicken (I'm not sure if fish will do it). I experimented and ate a lot of beef and chicken. It worked. The pain went away.
I remember learning that, especially as one gets older, protein should be part of every meal. I would say that the protein, as in meat and chicken, would have to be hormone free, e.g., Organic. There are also a number of vegetarian alternatives, e.g., soy. But men have to limit their intake of soy, as too much of it can be unhealthy.
Originally Posted by Klaatu24
I don't want to stop you from going to a doctor, but if it sounds like something you want to try out for a few days at least -- the size/portion of meat I eat is about the equivalent of a double-burger for lunch and dinner (total is 2 double-burgers per day). Sometimes more, sometimes less. It's a lot of meat, but it keeps the pain away. And of course it's good to eat a balanced diet, you know like including salad (I read that salad cleanses the blood).
I agree.

On a related note, found online...

Parsley and cilantro work together to help detox our bodies and purge any aluminum, mercury, nickel or lead in our bloodstream and organs.

Originally Posted by Klaatu24
Also, you might want to get tested for Lyme Disease.
A number of places online espouse that Moringa Leaf powder treats Lyme Disease. I recall relaying that information to a customer when I worked at a health food store years ago. I have often used Moringa Leaf, even recently, as a multivitamin and to boost the immune system.

I never had a tick on me for twenty-four hours, which can lead to Lyme Disease. Its been many years since I even had a tick on me at all. Minor spider and other insect bites are the only thing, none of which have proved to be serious.

As we age, fatigue and brain fog become more important issues, both of which I treat effectively with supplements, eating right when I can, and exercise.
Originally Posted by Klaatu24
Reiki energy might be something you could look into too, for the pain....
you could take a class where you'll get 4 attunements to Reiki. Those attunements gives you Reiki for the rest of your life....all you really have to do is put your palms anywhere on your body, keep them there, and after an hour, Reiki will have spread through your whole body. Example, I'll put my palms on my chest in a comfortable position. After an hour, I know Reiki's gotten through my whole body.
I actually use a form of Qigong (Chi-Gong) energy healing. And the palming you describe is a good method also for relaxing and nurturing the eyes.

Back in 1998 I went to an introductory seminar on Reiki/Seichem in Vienna, Virginia. It was conducted by two women. I went with two older women, one of which had her nephew with her. Afterwards I learned that the nephew, while in attendance, had a vision of me fighting evil with a Star Wars light saber. This proved to be good symbolism.

Purportedly, a Japanese man decades ago wanted to emulate the energy healing of Jesus. So he went on a vision quest and eventually channeled the symbols which became the foundation of Reiki energy healing. Those energies had and have the characteristic yellow energy, which reflects the plane they come from, the fourth in the well-known seven plane/heaven paradigm.

Jesus/Issa/Yuz Asaf channeled a very large, fourth plane, yellow-energy discarnate community or Group Entity. These spirits, combined in The Light, granted him his various Gifts of the Spirit which were more powerful than that of the other prophets and sorcerers of his day.

Back then, I was a very strong proponent of Yuz Asaf/Jesus/Issa because I was led (along with many others) by that same yellow-energy Group Entity into believing that Yuz Asaf was the Son of God. In truth, he was just an over-inflated prophet who was made to appear divine by the Gifts of the Spirit he channeled. I learned the truth in The Light after being turned in by the Jews to the Romans, then eventually beheaded. For centuries I lived with the humiliation of unwittingly promoting a false god. Today I preach a much more accurate spiritual paradigm, called Solist Mysticism.

I am the soul of Paul of Tarsus (sic).

Since 1981 I have been emulating the approach of The Original Creator - who has yet to come (just as the Deists espouse) - that of Heart Chakra Radiance. The whole point of using HCR is that one can evolve to the point of being able to produce telekinesis and energy healing - better than any fourth or fifth plane Group Entity - on an individual basis when one is ascended into The Light.

All these years later, I have still yet to ascend and actualize my abilities in The Light, but I still work on HCR regularly regardless.

(Click on the link in my signature for more.)

So there I was at that Reiki seminar in 1998, the antithesis of the group think mindset of that yellow-energy Reiki Group Entity. They saw that my aura and energy were much different, they knew what I represented, and consequently astrally attacked. Having had much experience with astral attacks from Group Entities, I immediately knew what was happening and decided to leave the seminar early, which was a wise move.

Stemming back centuries, the yellow energies and I simply don't get along. However, I have channeled and worked with the violet energies of the smaller number of fifth plane Group Entities. They are very good at energy healing as well.

The medical intuitive suggestion is a good one. If you can give a reference for one on the East Coast, preferably in the Virginia-Maryland-Washington DC area, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
Originally Posted by Klaatu24
You could also keep asking whoever you feel comfortable with, like your Guardian Angel or your spirit guides and teachers, for dreams to show you how to heal yourself, and ask them to make sure you remember all the details of the dream when you wake up.
As a spiritual medium of many years, I do this regularly.

Originally Posted by Klaatu24
Please hang in there!
Thanks for all your advice. It is of benefit to many, not just to me.
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