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Avadar, that's amazing info you have!

I'm not a doctor, but would like to give you more things to try, in addition to the advice which others have posted here.

I empathise with you so much -- I had a headache for 34 years. Extremely hard to deal with. Had other chronic conditions that came and went over the years too. Some I had to figure out psychically what was wrong, some not.

I think Colorado mentioned fibromyalgia -- symptoms of widespread pain in the muscles and nerves. My mom had that. When I started getting it too, my mom said it matched her symptoms. I've never been diagnosed by a doctor for that, but my body would heat up and hurt really bad all over.

Sylvia Brown (a psychic who's transitioned to the other side), once told someone who she was giving a psychic reading to, that for fibromyalgia eat a high protein diet.

High protein, of course, is meat, chicken (I'm not sure if fish will do it). I experimented and ate a lot of beef and chicken. It worked. The pain went away. Though a high protein diet isn't good for your body long term, I still do it anyway because it takes away the pain. Now, when the pain comes once in a blue moon, it's always because I've forgotten to eat a lot of meat that day.

I don't want to stop you from going to a doctor, but if it sounds like something you want to try out for a few days at least -- the size/portion of meat I eat is about the equivalent of a double-burger for lunch and dinner (total is 2 double-burgers per day). Sometimes more, sometimes less. It's a lot of meat, but it keeps the pain away. And of course it's good to eat a balanced diet, you know like including salad (I read that salad cleanses the blood).

Also, you might want to get tested for Lyme Disease.

Reiki energy might be something you could look into too, for the pain. If you're interested there's probably a Reiki practitioner nearby you, and if you feel comfortable talking with him/her over the phone, you might like to make an appointment to get some Reiki treatments.

If you like the Reiki treatments, you could take a class where you'll get 4 attunements to Reiki. Those attunements gives you Reiki for the rest of your life. You don't have to study hard or anything to get the attunements. You just sit there and the Reiki Master (and angels) will place the Reiki energy into your hand chakras. You really don't have to do anything -- though it's good to learn how to use it -- I'm just saying you don't have to go through a ton of studying.

Some Reiki Masters teach very involved ways to give Reiki treatments. Some aren't as involved. But if you're not feeling good, all you really have to do is put your palms anywhere on your body, keep them there, and after an hour, Reiki will have spread through your whole body. Example, I'll put my palms on my chest in a comfortable position. After an hour, I know Reiki's gotten through my whole body.

There are also medical intuitives that might be able to help. They could give intuitive readings for you. It's always good if you can get a recommendation for any of these alternatives, because for psychic readings, you can get someone who's great, or not. I've wasted a lot of money on the ones who are "not." But have also had some great readings.

You could also keep asking whoever you feel comfortable with, like your Guardian Angel or your spirit guides and teachers, for dreams to show you how to heal yourself, and ask them to make sure you remember all the details of the dream when you wake up.

Please hang in there!
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