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Originally Posted by LPC
The person who started this post, ill and upset, has had to watch whilst forum members slog it out. He asked for help and advice, not disputes! No doubt that is why he hasn't returned to the forum. I don't blame him.

BringMeTheHorizon, I urge you to skip through the argumentative posts and concentrate on getting better physically and mentally. In your case, my recommendation would be to see a good hypnotist, who can help you with your pain problems.

You are certainly not being punished. The Universe gives us freedom to choose, however. So it is all too easy to make wrong choices during our time here. We also have to deal with the harsh realities of the uncertainty and unpredictability of this physical world.

My suggestion would be for you to find a good hypnotist, who could firstly help you with your physical pain issues. It doesn't matter whether they are caused by physical or mental issues, or both, in any event s/he could help you in relieving the symptoms. If you do some research, you will see that even major hospital operations have been done under deep hypnosis without anaesthetic.

As for the cause of your problems, that can be dealt with also by hypnosis, but preferably after you are out of physical pain. Yes, logic might seem to dictate that the cause should be dealt with before the symptom, but it will be difficult for you to concentrate on finding any cause whilst in pain. Hence my suggestion.

Every best wish to you! Get well soon! Feel free to contact me by PM if you feel the need.

That sounds like very good advice, BringMeTheHorizon. Physical pain brings anyone right down. It is extremely difficult to focus on anything whilst enduring body pain. My kindest wishes to you.
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