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Sorcerers Are Not Highly Evolved, Just Gifted By Collectives Of Yellow-Energy Spirits

Originally Posted by monar

I think guys, like Dynamo, Cyril, Yif, are star-seeds or angelic beings incarnated at this time with advanced DNA to show us what powers we could acquire when we elevate our vibration enough to resonate with the energy of the Quantum Shift coming from Central Sun via our Sun (Event) to activate/re-program our dormant DNA strands and transmute cells from carbon to crystalline.

What do you say?

This is right up my line of expertise: discarnate sociology.

I've done allot of research about these people. They are not as extraordinary as many believe. The absolute truth of the matter is that they represent the age-old tradition of sorcerers that stem back since the beginning of humanoid life.

The late Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the international classic, Autobiography of a Yogi, said that he knew of a man who could manifest flowers but that that was not indicative of spiritual attainment. This is absolutely correct.

I will explain...

Eons ago it was discovered that individual spirits first emerged as only basically spiritual yellow-energy discarnates on the fourth plane. The fourth plane being part of the well-known seven plane/heaven paradigm found in Judaism (Jewish mysticism), Islam, Hinduism, and Catholicism, as well as in other metaphysical philosophies. This is where the term seventh heaven comes from.

It was also discovered eons ago that individual spirits are too weak in The Light to manifest even small-scale telekinesis and energy healing. The age-old, traditional solution was and is to have many, as in hundreds or even thousands of spirits combine their consciousness into an astral gestalt. One does not have to be highly evolved in order to do this; it happens all the time. A gestalt is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The terms astral gestalt, poltergeist, and Group Entity are all one and the same thing. Their combined consciousness enables them to manifest small-scale telekinesis and energy healing. The larger yellow-energy Group Entities are responsible for starting all the mainstream, traditional religions.

People like David Blaine, Cyril Takayama, Steven Frayne/Dynamo, Ehud Segev, Moen Al Bastaki, and Criss Angel all get their Gifts of the Spirit from their specific community of supporters on the Other Side. Prior to birth, they were all part of their own respective community of people who voted them to be the representative of their collective energy after they descend into Homo sapien/Terran life. Thus, until true god realized masters emerge in The Light - in the works for many years - to have powerful Gifts of the Spirit is more of a political achievement than reflective of being highly evolved.

In a YouTube video, actress Jennifer Lawrence said this to David Blaine:

If you started a religion I would follow it.”

To help understand how astral gestalts or Group Entities operate, we shall explore a yellow-energy New Age Group Entity prophet that I saw in public at the 1993 Reincarnation The Journey Continues Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, before he became rich and famous…

Dannion Brinkley had his first near-death experience in 1975. It completely changed his outlook on life, as NDEs generally do. He went from a self-proclaimed jackass and bully to a hospice volunteer, metaphysical author, prophet, and lecturer. His NDE resulted in him having various Gifts of the Spirit; mainly within the psychic realm as opposed to active gifts like healing and telekinesis - indicating that his Group Entity was not as large as that of someone like David Blaine or Cyril Takayama. His gifts stemmed from a Group Entity on the fourth plane - the same one he visited when out of his body.

In his own words in a radio interview that subsequently was put on the Net, Dannion describes the merging of his psyche with that New Age Group Entity during his first NDE:

"I don't so much believe in individual soul identity...because when I entered those crystal cities I became a part of a soul consciousness. I was no longer Dannion...I stayed Dannion until I got to the crystal city. Then I had no more point of view that was mine, I was part of a collective. I was like the Borg on Star Trek: I was assimilated. And I had an overview and a connectedness...I knew that there were other individual consciousnesses within the soul but I was a part of that soul group."

There are certain inherent energy limitations that any fourth plane, yellow-energy Group Entity or fifth plane, violet-energy Group Entity can manifest. For example, none of them, no matter how many members they have within their discarnate community, can access enough energy in The Light to create a fully-grown humanoid body. This is why ancient sorcerers like Simon Magus (now Criss Angel) and King Solomon, and ancient prophets like Jesus/Issa/Yuz Asaf, Abraham, and Moses, cannot return in the persona of their former glory. No Group Entity on the fourth or fifth plane - most of them reside on the fourth - is powerful enough to physically bring a prophet or sorcerer back from the dead. Instead, they rely on telepathic projections.

Sincere inquiries are welcome.
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