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Originally Posted by BringMeTheHorizon
...when I was 15, I had this heart disease which could've easily killed me but it didn't. And it took me about 2-3 years to overcome this. But now I'm 23 years old and I'm really ill again. Like I'm in so much pain every single day and this has been going on for a month now. This disease seems to target my muscles and nerves all over my body. The doctors thought of multiple sclerosis but all of my scans and tests were fine. So basically they have no clue what's going on.

I have some additional thoughts that you may find helpful:

That you physically survived heart disease at age 15 can be seen by you as empowering, if you so choose, and this can be used as incentive to feel more positive about your current situation.

Although there is much about the body/mind connection that modern medical science doesn't account for, for in truth it is still a baby science, there are still some specialists in the overall healthcare field that can be of great assistance to you, in particular those who are open to unconventional approaches that have worked for others who have been in a similar situation as yourself.

In addition to any medicines you may be taking, keeping the body hydrated would be helpful, if you are not already doing so, as this also helps to reduce discomfort and pain in the body, as well as oxygenating the body fairly often, through deep breathing exercises. Much human dis-ease is related to a lack of proper oxygenation (although this is not the root cause).

In all cases of muscle and nerve conditions, there is also mental/emotional tension involved. This is true in all cases, even when a condition has been medically diagnosed. You have perhaps heard of medical cases where the patient has had--or has developed--such a strong religious or spiritual faith that they applied their metaphysical beliefs to their situations and had spectacular results, even when medical science may not have seemed to have worked well for them.

In many of these cases it is noted that the reduction of psychological stress is a "key factor." (It is more than just a key factor, however, since there can be no true cure for any condition without psychological well-being also being present.) Therefore, whatever traditional approaches you may be taking, and whatever medical advice and treatment you may receive, keep in mind as best as you can the great importance of your psychological well-being as well.

I myself have had a condition (not diagnosed) of sore muscles throughout my body that has flared up on a number of conditions. I have no primary physician nor medical insurance, by the way. However, due to developing some strong self-healing beliefs over the years, I was able--and am able--to alter the condition/situation through first not allowing worry and fear to prevent me from having clear perception. In addition to noticing and acknowledging inner tensions and a negative thought pattern of feeling stagnant, on many occasions I have used a very simple self-healing visualization where I imagined White Light pouring into my spine from all directions, building up in my spine and then releasing out into all areas of my body.

My friend, I tell you, using this very simple visualization has been highly effective for reducing pain, increasing my energy levels and giving me a stronger immune system, as well as promoting well-being in general, mental/emotional/physical. However, the efficacy of such tools as visualization and affirmation is such that we receive the highest results the more we are in tune with the flow of energy in the physical body. This is where deep breathing exercises can be very helpful, or simply remembering to take a few deep breaths now and then.

Everything is energy, and energy is really consciousness, and with this understanding one can perform many miracles of love, when one allows oneself to be guided by the force of Divine Love that is within.

Although this is the "Death & The Afterlife" forum, I felt it more appropriate to address what I felt was more practical to the here-and-now experience that you are having. I do not recommend considering "ending it all" (as you had mentioned this in your post), for this would not solve anything in itself. Suicide is a type of karma that perpetuates cowardice, guilt, a victim mindset and it can sometimes greatly slow down spiritual growth, depending upon the person's beliefs and level of maturity, and also how the person reacts to his/her own suicide in the spirit realms.

I wish you well, BringMeTheHorizon.
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