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"My personal tribute to Adrienne" Your Sweetness was my Weakness!

It has been bothering me that, I have not done a personal tribute to you Adrienne, brothers me that I have not taken the time out of my day to produce some inspired words just for you! But I have now taken to time out to thank you for the final time, at least on this plane of existence! This will be a great weight off my shoulders, because I am still disappointed and hurting that I was not around here to support you…

Since you have been gone I am convinced that all of the chocolates and flowers around the world! Don’t taste or smell as sweet anymore! I take a look around society, and I am convinced God does not make women like you anymore! When god created man, he created us out of the elements of the earth such as wood, steel and stone! Where as when he created a woman like you with that energy, like an artist he must have painted you (And then composed your personality and energy from one of his greatest symphonies!) They say that a man should never let his weakness be known! But your sweetness was my weakness.

Thank You! I will never forget you! xx
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